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Campaigns that Create Memorable Brand Experience

Millennial Customers are breaking the linear funnel and following the path of their choice. As a Brand owner you want to reach out to them at their terms. For this, Communication needs to be beyond conventional messages and media, a brand needs to reach out to the customers with a perfect mix of promotional channels that will not just entice the customer but also persuade them with the right message.

Campaigns are driven by an assortment of mediums including display ads, television ads, hoardings, billboards, ambush marketing, sponsoring & organising events and trades shows, digital marketing sources like emailers, social media promotion, newsletters, google ads, SEO and Internet of Things (IoT) to name a few.

At POCI we believe that campaign development is not just about hitting as many brands as we can. We are a startup dedicated to provide imagination to your dreams for your brand, and craft a campaign around your imagination that will result into a customer experience that is natural, unobtrusive and sustainable.

Campaign Experience is awesome when it effectively weaves together the message, medium and timing to successfully interact with your target audience.

So, wake up and don’t just erase your dreams, share with us and we will give wings to your dreams you have for your brands to fly high in the sky.

Creating Campaigns is not Rocket Science, At Poci Creating Memorable Campaigns is.

Tell your Brand story with POCI

Telling a brands story becomes challenging when a brand encounters different stakeholders for handling it change, or the channel & message are not in sync. There are multiple brands, multiple channels and multiple people handling it. Also one size doesn’t fit all, each brand is unique and needs a unique solution.

At Poci we build Campaign Experience that is apt with synchronisation across the campaign, medium & documentation so that everyone is excited to implement it. We weave a brand story that Establishes clear lines of communication across all segments of the organisation so that no one is left in the dark.

Why Campaigns?

Brand Campaigns are an Asset

Campaign costs are not justifying?

Campaign costs seem to be daunting?

They are Not

Investing in successful campaigns is a smart strategy that will result into uniformity in messages across all channels over a period of time.

Poci tells you why investing in brand campaigns is not costly but a winning strategy. A spate of reasons will compel marketers to increase their budget for marketing brands through campaigns.

  • Deliver efficient marketing spent by understanding customer response to your ads creative campaign.
  • Optimize your brand spent by offering relevant real time matrix.
  • An augmented customer experience that impacts your sales

Our Team

Virtual teams are here to stay

Media Planning is getting dynamic as marketers are flooded with an ocean of resources. Here, choosing the right platform and creating the right message is essential. Designing strategies, finding inspirations, creating brand identities, uniting messages and media is what POCI team is indulged into daily. Team POCI has an edge over resource planning, our people make us great, they go deep into the brand and tailor each message carefully for each medium. We believe that a message makes the medium. Cutting across geographical boundaries we collaborate with people across the globe to deliver best-in-class services.

Vishal Bhatt

Brand Consultant

Ayushi Bhatt

Design Project Specialist

Asha Lalwani

User Specialist

Hasmukh Thakor

Sr. Designer

Tushit Parmar


Jigesh Shah

Asst. Designer


We believe in working in a connected culture with our associates to develop digital as well as technical deliverables including medical write-ups, 3D and augmented reality, websites and mobile applications.


Services crafted with mix of Creativity, Research and Analytics

POCI [Start-up] builds strategies to augment the brand experience rather than the brand value. We carefully collate brand elements to create a mark on customer’s mind. Our services are holistically built to people and brands with meaningful campaigns.

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